2013 / 01 Oct 2013

日期: 01 Oct 2013

題目: 估不到的黑暗

主持: 阿鍾,珊珊, 嘉賓主持: Raymond Ko, Emily Ko



Program Rundown

9:00 –
introduce Raymond and Emily:   Background – Career in Hong Kong; how they met and got marry; religious background
Migration to Australia and start their new life ( business, baby plan)

Introduce Dawson (stages of growth) – personality, habits, academic wise, religion, habits

Describe their life so far. ( in their words)

9:30 –
影音快訊 – anniversary
the shocking news (physically 1998-2003) – from the 1st sign of symptom at age of 15 , year 10 to complete blindness;  pulling out of school in mid-semester of Year 11; travelled overseas for treatment etc.

psychological stages ( as a parent; what did you tried?  Emily’s violin? Raymond’s business )- from worry, to depression to suicide attempt on Friday 13 June, 2003

10:00 –
How did this affect your relationship, any conflicts? or the relationship got stronger.
During that dark period, did you and Dawson ever blame God for this?  Why? Unfair??  Where is God?

3 days after hospitalised – What had happened to Dawson’s mind set?? – a NEW life lived without sight

How did his new mind set impacted Raymond and Emily?

New life and new plans… like what?  (studies, job, Vision Aust, karake, sharings and marriage)

10:30 –
Today, how do you feel when looked back to all these unexpected turns?  What makes your family still chose to follow God after all these had happened?  did you ever angry at God for not answering your prayer?

What can you share with our audiences in terms of suffering like this?  ie.  to those audiences that are suffering now or their family members are suffering at the moment.

Dawson “sees things that most people cannot”;  lot of us think we can see, really? Is Dawson really blind?  on the other hands, can we really see?  do you really see “Light” to guide your direction???

Where can we find the “Light”?

Can Raymond or Emily share one of their favourite bible versus?

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