2013 / 17 Sep 2013

日期: 17 Sep 2013

題目: 大選點選

主持: 珊珊,Sam Sir,亞鍾



Rundown for the topic on “Election” – 17th September, 2013

9:00 –
Introduction – election once three years
What do you think about the Australian Election System?
Did you have any feeling when lining up for election?
9:10 –
How the Government is formed in Australia?
What are the parties that we can vote for?
9:30 –
1st break  ( The First Stone Movie Premiere in NSW 21/9/2013)
9:40 –
What are the criteria in your choice of party?
Results (seats) of the election 2014.
What do you think about the failure of Labour Party this time? (Carbon Tax, Disunity, Same Sex Marriage, Asylum Seekers, Economy?)
10:00 –
2nd break  (The First Stone Movie Premiere in QLD 12/10/2013)
10:10 –
And why Liberals succeeded to regain the power?
How do you compare Tony Abbot and Kevin Rudd?
Read the Bible about how God chose his servants (Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Isaiah, 12 apostles, etc.)
10:30 –
3rd break (Movie Theme Song)
10:40 –
Read the Bible about how God chose the King for Israelites
Last of all, how God choose people to be saved?
How can we be elected?
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